Sweeping the Nation!

Fork Master is the newest and greatest backyard game. A cross between lawn darts, horseshoes, and bocce combine to form a game of skill and excitement. Let's see you Stick It!

Standard Equipment

  1. A playing area at least 10 paces long, (beach, park, backyard...)
  2. A standard issue BBQ fork for each player
  3. A target, normally a piece of fruit (official fruit: lemon)

How To Play

  • Each of two players takes a target and stands back to back in the center of the playing area
  • Each player takes 4 paces (just like a duel) and places the target on the ground
  • All players stand at one target and throw towards the other
  • Closest Stick To the target scores the point
  • If a player has a clean Stick in the target, the game is over, unless the one of the following players goes over the top

Basic Rules

  1. The Stick: All prongs are first to stick in the ground, with the handle off the ground by the height of the thrower's fist
  2. Point: awarded to closest Stick
  3. Turns: Players alternate, in order of the last to score a point.
  4. Over the Top: the second Stick wins, if distance from target is disputed
  5. Game Winner: a clean Stick in the target


  • Quick: first to 2 games, 2 points per game
  • Tournament: first to 3 games, 3 points per game
  • Championship: first to 4 games, 4 points per game

The lingo

Slaying the Dragon

When the Fork sticks through the lemon(target) and into the ground

(the ideal instant game winner)

Robin Hood

When the Fork sticks into the another fork.

(The ultimate "over the top" stick)

Money Shot

When you can look down and see the end of your fork.

(the end of the fork is a great place for your tag)

the fork

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